Drones for Police

Drones for Police, Fire, Public Safety, Search & Rescue,  Natural Disasters, Surveillance, and Fire Management.

Drone with photo, video & thermal imaging capability
Drone with photo, video & thermal imaging capability

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs – Police Drones.   Yes, we do! (Not the off-the-shelf drones at Walmart, but the real tools for real public safety professionals.

A classic example of tools that may not be used every day, but that are critical when the call comes.

Municipal lease-to-own financing spreads the cost of keeping these tools on hand and ready-to-go. 

It’s just not practical to pay for everything upfront and in advance.  By spreading the costs UAV’s (drones) over multiple budget periods, Departments get the benefits now.

Drone with photo, video & thermal imaging capability
Police Drone Controller

Police Surveillance Drones Unmanned aircraft let law enforcement get up close to see what’s really going on before at a crime, accident, hostage or terrorism scene and develop a strategic plan,  before engaging risking officer safety.  Hi-res cameras and thermal imaging bring back the complete view, fast.

Fire & Public Safety Management Drones 

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Unmanned aircraft can see into remote and dangerous environments that can’t be approached any other way; and readily stay airborne for an hour or more at a time, providing real-time photographs, video, and data from a safe vantage point.

Municipal lease-to-own financing breaks down the cost of entry to a fraction of the cash cost.  Want to see a Quick Quote today?


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