Drones for Police

Drones for Police, Fire, Public Safety, Search & Rescue,  Natural Disasters, Surveillance, and Fire Management.

Drones for Police, Fire & Public Safety
Drone with photo, video & thermal imaging capability

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs – Police Drones.   Yes, we do! (Not the off-the-shelf drones at Wal-Mart, but the real tools for real public safety professionals.

A classic example of tools that may not be used every day, but that is critical when the call comes.

Municipal lease-to-own financing spreads the cost of keeping these tools on hand and ready-to-go. 

Interest rates are going down
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It’s just not practical to pay for everything upfront and in advance.  By spreading the costs UAV’s (drones) over multiple budget periods, Departments get the benefits now.

Police Surveillance Drones

Unmanned aircraft let law enforcement get up close to see what’s really going on before at a crime, accident, hostage or terrorism scene and develop a strategic plan,  before engaging risking officer safety.  Hi-res cameras and thermal imaging bring back the complete view, fast.

Fire & Public Safety Management Drones

Unmanned aircraft can see into remote and dangerous environments that can’t be approached any other way; and readily stay airborne for an hour or UAV pilot controller with detailed graphicsmore at a time, providing real-time photographs, video, and data from a safe vantage point.

Municipal lease-to-own financing breaks down the cost of entry to a fraction of the cash cost.  Want to see a Quick Quote today?

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