What are the benefits of municipal leasing for police vehicles?

FAQs Fequently Asked Questions About Police Cars LeasingThe significant benefits of municipal leasing:

  • Spread large expenses over multiple budget periods.
  • Purchase from the state contract:   All vehicles and equipment are sourced by the Lessee from vendors of its choosing, state contract holders, or other providers.   As a government entity, you can purchase for less we can.
  • The lowest interest rates.  Lower than your dealer.  Much lower than conventional or commercial rates. And rates are fixed.  Municipal rates are generally your government’s least expensive type of non-debt financing.
  • Lease-to-Own.  Police cars are registered by and titled in your agency’s name and remain in your name and possession.  There is no residual; there is no buyout.  Nothing is returned.  Nothing is due.
  • Easier & Faster.   One page application only, two-day approval (to $100K). 2 Page Application, 3-4 day approvals (to $10 MM).
  • Non-Appropriation Language (funding out) automatically included in every police lease (where required by law).  And it probably is in your jurisdiction.

Let us show you the numbers with a quick quote now on any combination of vehicles & equipment.  We’ll have real numbers on your desk today –  you’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving our quote if municipal leasing is the best choice for your agency!

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