Who owns the vehicles and equipment?

FAQs Fequently Asked Questions About Police Car LeasingYOUR GOVERNMENT OWNS EVERYTHING financed under our municipal  fleet lease–from the day it is delivered.   Every vendor invoice is “Bill To:” and “Ship To:” your agency, not us.  Every purchase is 100% direct between your agency and the vendors YOU select.  Our name does not appear on any vendor paperwork.

You select and order the vehicles and equipment directly from the vendors of your choice.  Our bank pays your vendors directly on your behalf and with your authorization–after you receive the police vehicles and/or equipment,  

You register the vehicles with the state.  Everything is titled in the city’s name.

There are never any buyouts, balloons, or lease-end monies due.  Ever.

The only paperwork difference between government fleet vehicles purchased for cash and vehicles purchased under a municipal lease-to-own contract is that we will have a security interest*  in the vehicles until the last lease payment has been received.  After this, the security interest falls away, and your agency is free to sell, re-task to other city departments, trade, or continue to use the vehicles forever-literally!   (* Security interest not applicable  in FL & TN)

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