Interest Rates Are UP!

Can your government agency afford to pass up lower (than they are going to be! ) interest rates?

Municipal Interest Rates Are UP
Rates Are Going UP!
Lock In Today’s Rates & Save

Will you be acquiring police cars, in-car computers, Video, CAD, surveillance, radios, interoperability upgrades, SWAT vehicles, prisoner transport vans, crime scene equipment, LPR or Citation hardware/software, drones, weapons, or any other public safety equipment this year or next?  Our advice?  Invest to save!  Lock-in prices AND the lowest interest rates we’ve seen in quite a while!


EQUIPMENT COSTS ARE TRENDING UP, WAY UP!  Inflation is ON ITS WAY BACK, BIG TIME.  Sadly, we can’t change that. Most governments will be spending more and getting less as inflation gnaws away at already-tight budgets.

The Double Whammy — Its a “twofer”

INTEREST RATES ARE UP SIGNIFICANTLY TOO.   But you catch latch on today, before they top out.  The Fed has indicated that its fight against inflation will likely lead to 6 MORE RATE INCREASE, THIS YEAR ALONE!  (Yes, you read that right…6 increases!) Don’t sit out this opportunity to lock in lower interest rates now on vehicles and equipment that your city will be benefiting from for the next 3, 4, 5 or 6 years?


Lock-In Today’s Rates Soon,  OR Lose Them!

Consider this:  1 ) Municipal interest rates are about as low as they’ve been, 2) you know you’ll have to buy new police vehicles this year or next, and 3) inflation is back as well.  Everything is going to cost more and cost more to buy, BUT less to finance.  Our recommendation? Simple!  Lease to own now, save for years.

Rates Are UP!
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