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Government Fleet – Vehicle & Equipment Buying Power Quotes for state, county and municipal governments like yours.  We’ve turned the  “typical” budgeting  modelon its head.  Unlike our traditional municipal lease quotes;  YOU TELL US HOW MUCH YOU HAVE  to spend (in your annual budget) and  WE’LL SHOW YOU HOW MUCH MORE YOU CAN BUYTHIS YEAR (today!) with that same annual budget. 

Your financial “leverage” is the difference between what you can spend today (using cash on hand) and what the exact same annual budget  (put towards a 3-6 year lease) will allow you to buy today) That will be a lot more.  For most law enforcement agencies, it’s easily 3-5 times more this year!)  Consider that for a minute.  That’s real “buying power” for your department and smart budgeting for your government.

Buying Power quotes are fast, free and no obligation of course.  Why not see for yourself, there’s no downside to knowing.  Pretty neat and very practical! 

(Prefer a traditional lease-to-own quote where you tell us (about) how much the new vehicles and equipment will cost and we show you what the payments will be?  No problem, we do those every day as always!)

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