Lease Purchase Financing Step-By-Step

How Police Car Leasing Works – Step by Step

The Nuts & Bolts of Leasing

Step #1:  Police car lease purchase financing step by step starts with a dealer and vendor pricing quote (exact, or your best estimates) on the vehicles and equipment you are considering–include whatever upfits you normally include to make every police fleet vehicle “street ready” for your department’s use.

Select ANY VENDOR of your choice— a local dealer or the state contract provider; one source or 5, whatever it takes to get EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED.   Your pricing estimates may well change as we get closer–that happens all the time, and that’s fine!  Before anything is finalized, all pricing will be re-calculated “down to the penny.”

Step #2:  Request a one-page municipal police car lease-purchase quote from us at 800-541-0114 x-22 (Click to dial) or here for a Quick Quote Now.

Get a police car leasing quote

Step #3:  The one-page police car leasing quotation that we provide will CLEARLY show the payments and our LOW municipal interest rates.  We will provide rates for any terms and options  (e.g. 3, 4, 5 or 6 years, monthly, quarterly, semi or annual (police car leasing) payments and the starting date (first lease-payment-due date)  that best suits your city’s tax receipts and cash flow.

Step #4:  Pricing, equipment, and terms are all “fine-tuned”  to your exact requirements.  Most importantly, have we answered every question you might have about government fleet leasing?  Great!  Fax or email us the 2-page credit application along with a copy of the quotations from your dealer and vendors, a current budget, and the last 3 years of audits.

(For transactions under $100,000 all we’ll need is a 1-page application and vendor quotation.  No audits financials required.)

Step #5:  Municipal lease purchase contract documents will be drafted and overnighted for your review, approval, and signature.  We even provide a prepaid overnight return envelope for your convenience.

THAT’S IT!  Upon receipt of the executed police car leasing documents, the full amount of the lease is deposited into an account in your city’s name at our bank.  Our bank will be ready to disburse up to 100% of the lease funds (via wire transfer or cashier’s check) to your vendors on your behalf at your direction.

You are 100% in control at all times  A confirmation copy of each disbursement you authorize (via bank wire transfer or cashier’s check) is provided on the next business day

Pretty Easy, Right?

Get a Police Fleet Lease Purchase Quote Now

Let us prepare a quick quote now on any combination of equipment & terms. We


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can have real numbers on your desk today.   You’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving our quote if municipal leasing is the best choice for your agency!

(What’s the downside of seeing a real, no-obligation quote on the equipment on your shortlist?)

And whenever you’re ready, we’ll put it all together for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

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