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Police Car Lease-Purchase Financing Today!

Get a lot more…for a lot less than you’re spending this year!

Here’s how:  First Capital police car lease-purchase financing provides very low interest municipal financing for police and sheriff’s agencies like yours. Police Car Leasing, Police Fleet Leasing, Blue & Red LightbarOur government fleet leasing s-p-r-e-a-d-s the high cost of new police vehicles, upfits, IT  hardware, SaaS or conventional software, radios, video equipment, LPR systems, paint, graphics, even weapons–over 3, 4, 5 or 6 budget years.  With our police car leasing, your municipal government agency doesn’t have to shoehorn the full cash price of everything you need this year into this year’s budget.  If a police car will be in service for 5 years, it only makes sense to pay for it over a number of years.  See what the difference means to your department’s budget with “pay as you go” compared to a lump-sum payment in advance.

Benefits of Police Car Leasing

Skip the pay-for-it-all-in-advance budget trap this year.  It’s a tough fiscal model to keep up with.   Our programs are Pay as You Go,” and departments tell us that it just makes sense with today’s ever-tightening budgets.

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Get Exactly What You Need, From ANY Vendor.

Select your vehicles and equipment from any dealer or vendor.  Use whoever YOU trust and whoever has the best pricing and service options–including your state contract suppliers.

You will either get a lot more for the same dollars you already have allocated, or you will spend a lot less of this year’s budget on the same equipment you need.  Win-Win either way.

Your Department Owns Every Police Vehicle…

and everything you install in them.  Ownership (title) transfers to your agency the day your dealer delivers–your city will register, and every vehicle will be titled in your city’s name—and remains in your name during and at the end of the lease, just like any other cash purchase and unlike commercial leases.

Police Car Lease-Purchase Financing Benefits: 

  • Small Fleet, Big Fleet! Same Benefits — for 2 vehicles or 200 vehicles
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Unlimited Use & Hours
  • No Maintenance or Condition Requirements
  • No Money Up Front, End-of-Lease Payoffs, Residuals, or Buy-Outs

What happens at the end of the police car lease?

Your agency has 4 OPTIONS after you make the last payment (or prepay):

1) Trade your cars in to any dealer of your choice, and/or

2) Sell your police cars, and/or

3) Re-task them (to other departments, for example), and/or

4) Continue using your police vehicles & equipment at no cost, forever. (FOREVER!)  No vehicle or equipment is returned to us, ever.

Interest Rates Are Still Higher!

Municipal Interest Rates Are Going UP
Rates Are Going UP
Lock In Today’s Rates & Save!

If the dealer is quoting commercial lease interest rates (or their municipal rates), we’ll beat those rates.   And our terms are much more flexible.  For example, your city’s first lease payment out-of-pocket can be up to 12 months after lease signing, even into your next fiscal year if that helps!  You can lock in these low rates today for the next 3, 4, 5, or 6 years.  Our municipal interest rates are transaction-size sensitive–simply put, larger transactions = lower interest rates.   We encourage you to make every vehicle street-ready and include any upfit equipment (no matter who manufactures or sells it, we’ll pay for it).  That’s turnkey.

We Work FAST!

Our police car lease-purchase programs close in days (not months).  If you like what you see in our quotes, we’ll have the credit approved and our lease-to-own contract on your desk within 3 business days.   100% of the lease-purchase financing amount will be deposited into a vendor payable/escrow account in your city’s name at our bank within 3 days of receiving your executed contract.   We pay your vendors by wire transfer within 3 business days of receiving your authorization.

Police Car Lease Purchase programs are super-flexible AND F-A-S-T too!

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