Police Lease Quote

Quotes for police vehicles & equipment.  Even with higher Leverage your current budgetinterest rates, you still get a lot more bang” this year, for a lot “fewer bucks” this year using our still lower interest municipal rates.

SELECT #1 – Police Lease to Own Quote   Our classic quote is most helpful for comparisons. You know what your agency needs and about what it will cost to write a check today.    This quote shows you how much less it will cost this year–if you spread the expenses out (that’s the key) over the next 3, 4, 5, or 6 budget years.  How much will a lease cost?


SELECT #2 — Police Buying Power Quote  A special quote for a different question. Tell us what’s “typically” in the budget for this type of equipment.  We’ll show you how much you can spend TODAY!, “as if” you had 100% of those funds TODAY!  How much more can I buy?

Not sure? Try #1 first.