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Municipal Interest Rates Start Lower

Municipal Interest Rates Are UP
Rates Are Going UP! Lock In Today’s Rates & Save

1 Even with rates now rising, you can save A LOT with municipal leasing for police cars.  You can thank the IRS!   (Even at current rates, it’s still a much better deal)    Many years ago, they “incentivized” the financial sector to lend to state, county & municipal governments at considerably-below-commercial interest rates. Our cost of funds starts lower, and your cost of borrowing is significantly lower.  Municipal leasing is your lowest-cost source of non-debt financing.  Our interest rates are lower than dealer’s rates!

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Use Your State Contract Pricing or Any Dealer

2 All vehicles and equipment are sourced by you from vendors of your choosing, state contract sources, or other providers that you select.   As a government entity, you’ll pay less than we would or anyone else, for that matter.

Don’t Pay in Advance – Pay as You Go!

3Let’s face it when you pay cash upfront for vehicles and equipment that will be in service for years, you’re “paying in advance.”  Too many governments get caught in this budget trap.  Very low interest, municipal lease-to-own financing is the eminently more practical “Plan B.”

Spread the cost of your expensive capital equipment over multiple budgets– instead of trying to shoehorn 100% of every expense dollar into this year’s budget.

Municipal leases and their unique non-appropriation language make it possible.

Acquire 4 Times More This Year, With the Same Budget

4 You read that right.  Municipal leasing provides the financial leverage that allows government agencies to spread the costs of large acquisitions over 4, 5, 6 (or more) budget years.  Municipal leasing allows your government to match (or “time”) its expenditures (like our low-interest lease payments) to its receipts, like tax revenue.  The result is larger purchases with less cash out of pocket.

What You Need…When You Need It!   There’s still no free lunch…but there are much smarter ways to get what you need–a lot sooner!  

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Lease-To-Own.  No Mileage Limits. No Buyouts.

5 Our police vehicle programs are “lease-to-own” by definition and do not have “residuals” or end-of-lease buyouts, back-end fees, or hidden charges.  Nothing is returned to us.  Unlike commercial or business leases, vehicles and equipment are registered to and titled in your agency’s name (not ours) through the end of the lease This is a different structure than commercial leases.  You can sell, trade, re-task, or continue using the vehicles and equipment literally forever.  (Tip: If you don’t own the vehicles and equipment you may be financing now, you don’t have a very low-interest municipal lease) and you’re probably paying too much.  Get a quote from us!

Municipal Vs. Commercial Leases; It’s Apples & Oranges!

6 There are several general types of leases (personal, commercial, operating, tax, finance, and there are municipal leases)  Each type targets the specific needs of specific borrowers.

Are You Comparing Apples & Oranges when evaluating offers?
Are You Comparing Apples & Oranges?

All “leases” are NOT the same.  The only type specifically for governments is “municipal leases.”  Don’t let car dealers (and what they advertise on TV), rental car companies, or commercial (business) leasing companies confuse the issue with programs that are not designed for governments, may not be legal to sign, and are full of “gotchas” for government entities like yours.

Non-Appropriation Language is Automatically Included

7 And you must have it in most jurisdictions.

(sometimes called “funding out” language) is required by law in most states.  All of our state, county & municipal leasing agreements automatically include non-appropriation wherever required.

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