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For sheriff’s car leasing, prisoner transport vans, jail equipment and jail management software.  Court facility’s, buildings, beds, kitchens & jail security systems, body scanners and everything else it takes to run your jail.  Skip to the bottom line with a Quick Quote Now on any Sheriff’s vehicles and equipment.

The Budget Squeeze Is On!

That’s what more and more sheriff’s are getting hit with every day–the funding just isn’t isn’t there like it used to be…

Is there a way to “Do More…With Less?”  Actually the surprise answer is yes, with municipal leasing.

Here’s how: With tax-exempt municipal lease-to-own financing, we can show you how to s-p-r-e-a-d  the cost of expensive new sheriff’s vehicles and equipment over multiple budget years.  There is no need to cram every new or upgraded piece of equipment into the limited funds available from a single year’s budget?

Waiting Can Be More Expensive

More often that not, holding off (or “deferring”) leads to aging, essential equipment being only partially funded, underfunded or deferred altogether.  As more equipment passes its useful life maintenance costs skyrocket, while reliability plummets.

As one of our sheriffs famously said, “If it’s gonna last me for 5 years, why the heck can’t I pay for it over 5 years?”

That’s a really good question.  The short answer is you can pay over multiple budget periods.  Our tax-exempt municipal leasing programs are specifically designed to allow sheriff’s and police department to break those big, long overdue capital expenditures into “bite size” budget-friendly pieces.  This allows your agency to spread those high costs out over 3, 4, 5 or 6 years!  Think about how that might change your whole approach to allocating limited capital.

Sheriff’s Patrol Vehicles

Our sheriff’s car leasing programs allow you to including all upfits to make every vehicle “street ready,” for your department including:

  • In Car Computers
  • Command Vehicles
  • Radios, Communications Gear & CAD systems
  • Light Bars & Emergency Equipment
  • Video
  • Radar
  • Prisoner Cages & Restraint Systems
  • Lethal & Non-Lethal Weapons

Sheriff’s Prisoner Transport Buses & Vans too.

Sheriff's Prison Transport Correction Department BusVehicles for moving prisoners between facilities, to/from courtrooms and community service work details, doesn’t have to sap the public safety budget.

  • Cars
  • Command Vehicles
  • Vans
  • Buses

Sheriff’s Jail Facilities & Jail Management Equipment

  • Beds
  • Security
  • Commissary & Kitchen
  • Radios
  • Communications – Handheld & Mobile Radios
  • Jail Management & Records Management — SaaS or conventional Software

Court Room Security

Metal DetectorIf the courtrooms are under your jurisdiction, we just wanted to let you know that you can include any of the following in sheriff’s department lease:  metal detectors, x-ray scanners and other security equipment to maintain public access while providing a safe and secure courtroom environment for the prisoners and the public too..

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