Take Home Police Cars

Take Home Police Cars.  What is a take-home police vehicle program?  Why are so many departments moving to this format for deploying their most expensive assets?  How does a city government get around the Take Home Police Carsprice tag–that “first financial bite” that can the cost of a fleet going in?

Pool or Take Home?

Departments on the pool system have vehicles shared by 1, 2, or even three shifts of officers.  Every 8 hours or so, the vehicles pull in, officers check-in and check out (+/- 35 minutes per shift according to some studies), and the same vehicle with different officers roll right back out of the station.   Take-home vehicles are assigned to one officer (no shift change over) and go home with that Officer until his or her next scheduled shift.

Key benefits of the take-home option:

  • Expensive vehicles last MUCH LONGER, maintenance costs reduced
  • Increase police visibility while traveling to/from work and when parked at home.
  • Officers take better care of vehicles assigned to them.
  • Reduced “Changeover Time” between shifts
  • Routine maintenance ties up one officer’s time, not two or three.

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There are many, many ways to implement a take-home program, based on your community, your patrol area size, and geography, whether your department will allow use inside or outside the community, or permit personal use, etc.


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BIG financial challenge; SIMPLE financial fix.

Police cars are expensive and setting up a take-home fleet costs more than adding a few cars to the pool each year, but MUCH LESS with municipal leasing.

The solution is municipal-lease-to-own financing that allows you to spread the cost of new vehicles over 4, 5 or 6 budget years instead of trying to cram everything into a single budget year.   Most people are really surprised at how attractive the numbers are.  Don’t guess!  Do you want to see some actual numbers?

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